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Deals in the development of cutting edge and unique technologies.

Based on research, our security products are setting new standards.

Our long endurance 18 hours, 300km range, tactical UAV “MINDER-III” for border patrolling and surveillance missions is available with new features.

Specialized in cost-effective systems development for defence, law enforcement and security applications.

With many years of experience we are proud to be a defence systems outsourcing company with working and delivery of our products to the well known defence industries, organizations and R&D groups involved in UAV/RPV development all over the world.

Product Summary:
Wireless Power Switches WiFi Ready Wireless Power Switches WiFi Ready
Make your world Truly wireless...
FG presents world's first WiFi based Wireless home electric appliances switches.

Product Summary:
GSM Cell Phone Interceptor GSM Cell Phone Interceptor
XSM system can Intercept GSM Cellular communication Voice and Text in passive mode.