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Product Summary:
FGVT2000 is a new product based on the SMS/ GSM / GPRS  network and GPS satellite positioning system.
Investor Relations

Fusions Group® designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of unique and high performance products, solutions and systems including defence, oil and gas, alternate energy, telecommunication and security and surveillance products.

Applications for the Company's products include telecommunications, electronics defence systems and warfare, industrial instrumentation, automotive electronics, factory automation, process control and space systems.

The Company's principal product categories include Solar panels, Solar PV and thermal solutions, Inverters, UPS, Laser and optical systems, Radio systems, Avionics systems, UAVs, UGCVs and Robots, Electronic targeting systems, Aircraft landing aid, LED lighting for indoor and outdoor and for defence applications, Thermo electric generators TEGs and Cathodic protection systems for oil and gas pipe lines.

We are a preferred investment because we meet aggressive targets whatever the economic environment. We communicate honestly and forthrightly to investors, and deliver consistently what we promise.

Our vision is to be the premier global R&D Company.

Our mission is to deliver sustainable growth in shareholder value through our commitment to Total Performance.

Total Performance is demonstrated in every aspect of the way we do business - Customer Focus, Financial Performance, Program Execution and Responsible Behavior.

Our values are Trusted, Innovative and Bold

Our Operational Framework
The Operational Framework provides a common framework across the company for operational and financial controls, and is regularly reviewed by the Board. The business policies and processes detailed within the Operational Framework draw on global best practice and their application is mandated across the organization.

FG offers various investment plans for long term and short term investments, for further details please email us: invest@fusionsgroup.com