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Security & Surveillance - Laser Listening Device

Laser Listening Device
Laser Listening Device

Laser Listening System

Model: FGLD-786.

Complete System includes:

1: (808nm) Semiconductor IR laser Assembly. (1pc)

2: 808nm IR Optical Receiver (1pcs)

3: Battery (1pc)

4: Battery charger (1pc)

5: Tripod (1pc)

6: Laser Power Supply Charger Adapter (1pc)

7: Head Phones (1pc)

8: 808nm Laser Safety Goggle (1pc)

9: Auxiliary Recording Lead (1pc)  Laser Receiver Model: FGLD-786

Sales & Return Policy:

The sale of this product is restricted to registered organizations, companies and re-sellers only.

This is a special ordered products and is not subject to return or refund. The Sale of this product is subject to No Return, No Refund policy.