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Security & Surveillance - Explosive Detector HYPER 5000 Scanner

Explosive Detector HYPER 5000 Scanner
Explosive Detector HYPER 5000 Scanner

HYPER 5000 combines molecular spectroscopy and digital imaging, and has been shown for rapid, non-contact optical sensing of explosives and materials associated with the use of homemade explosives (HMEs). 

HYPER5000 Explosive detector/ scanner  that combines hyperspectral imaging, short wave infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imaging and/or fluorescence hyperspectral imaging is suitable for the detection of trace levels of explosives in the presence of complex environmental backgrounds without the use of amplification or enhancement techniques. 

HYPER 5000 system is a non contact and 100% Optical solution for explosives and narcotics detection.

Contact for US and Latin American region sales: 

Mr. Juan A. Álvarez

Phone/Whatsapp: +1-786-704-2155

Email: alvarez@global3america.com

For Asia/EU sales email: sales@fusionsgroup.com