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Security & Surveillance - Internet Protocol (IP) Encryptors

Internet Protocol (IP) Encryptors
Internet Protocol (IP) EncryptorsInternet Protocol IP Encryptors enables organizations to leverage on public Ethernet / IP infrastructure to setup cost effective site to site Virtual Private Networks. IP Encryptors are equipped with remote management functionality to monitor or manage the devices remotely from the organizational central management center.


Encryption Algorithms


Authentication Algorithms

HMAC SHA1 (160 bit), HMAC SHA2 (256 and 512 bit)

Hash Algorithm

SHA, Hash size 160 bit


Key Agreement

IKE, signed Diffie-Hellman key exchange

Session Key

Seamless session key change
User selectable session key life cycle
Key destruction function for session keys

Private Key

Stored on smart card with retrieve access blocked


Tamper evident chassis
Emergency Clear of keys and algorithm
Hardware Based True Random Number Generator
Management Channel encrypted using SSL


IPSec Tunnels

Concurrent from 100 to 1024 tunnels
Dead Peer Detection

Private keys

Secure storage on smart cards


60Mbps, 600Mbps, and 6Gbps for frame size 1518 bytes