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Security & Surveillance - Bio Inspection Scanner FD777

Bio Inspection Scanner FD777
Bio Inspection Scanner FD777

FD777 Non contact Thermal Visual Scanner shows the body temperature of passengers arriving from overseas against possible infections of EBOLA, CORONA (COVID-19) Viruses quickly efficiently and most effectively.

A thermal vision scanner (also called an infrared or thermal imaging or thermal imagery) is a device that creates an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. Instead of the 400–700 nano-meters range of the visible light camera, infrared cameras are sensitive to wavelengths from about 1,000 nm  to about 14,000 nm 


As of today’s vital situation and CORONA infected patents are spread all over the world, and areas and institutions with huge number of visitors can be an easy target of CORONA Virus. FG has introduced Non contact Thermographic  visual inspection scanning system model FD-777 to monitor the visitors. Through this system one can immediately identify the infected person from a safe distance of 4 meters.


·  206 x 156 Thermal Sensor

·  20° Field of View

·  < 9 Hz Frame Rate

·  1,800 ft. Detection Distance

·  Focusable Lens

·  -40F° to 626°F Detection

·  Waterproof Case Included

·  Photos & Videos

·  Spot Temperature

·  High-Low Temperature

·  Threshold Mode

·  9 Color Palettes

·  Auto Mode Only

Contact for US and Latin American region sales: 

Mr. Juan A. Álvarez

Phone/Whatsapp: +1-786-704-2155

Email: alvarez@global3america.com

For Asia/EU sales email: sales@fusionsgroup.com