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Security & Surveillance - Currency Disinfector Sterilizer CDS-3100M

Currency Disinfector Sterilizer CDS-3100M
Currency Disinfector Sterilizer CDS-3100M
Fully automatic and computer controlled CDS-3100M is dual pressure chambers system that is used to sterilize Paper Currency notes, Cheques, Legal papers, Bonds and normal stationary papers in bulk quantity. When these items are placed inside the Chamber they are exposed to a temperature (usually
above 100C to 132C with increased pressure) for about 120 minutes and then cooled down instantly for immediate usage.

Adjustment of time based on the amount and physical quantity or size of the physical commodity that needs to be sterilized. This sterilization process effectively kills germs, bacteria, viruses (COVID-19) and other microbiological organisms without damaging the currency note or any paper that plasma Ion method or any other method cannot do for bulk quantities

Custom sizes from 1cu Ft to 1500cu Ft availability 

Contact for US and Latin American region sales: 

Mr. Juan A. Álvarez

Phone/Whatsapp: +1-786-704-2155

Email: alvarez@global3america.com

For Asia/EU sales email: sales@fusionsgroup.com