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Security & Surveillance - Disinfection Walk through and Quarantine Cubicle

Disinfection Walk through and Quarantine Cubicle
Disinfection Walk through and Quarantine Cubicle

A. Provides quick installation in infected areas,  field support centers, shopping malls, office buildings, customer service centers, factories,  and for outdoor people coming from outside to clean and disinfect and quarantine in short time.
B. Walkways provide chlorinated water jet sprinkling on the general public automatically by detecting human presence through motion sensor to sanitize from other germs, viruses and microbiological organisms contamination to their overall dresses and exposed body parts.

C. Easy to install and uninstall 
D. Cost effective and efficient performance,
E. 12VDC operated for 24 hours working, (Optional)
F. Solar charger (Optional)
G. 19 Liter standard water bottle with 1% bleach solution (Provided separately)

H: Size: LWH (8ft x 6ft x 8ft) (Custom sizes are also available) With branding option

I: Gross weight: 50KG approx  (standard version)

J: Available in PVC Cover Film/Poly-carbonate/Acrylic sheets/Pana-flex Variation

K: Available in Steel/Stainless steel/PVC pipe Frame fitting

L:  Battery not included

M: Available in 2/3/4/5/6/7 water jet spray nozzles variation

N: One Year Warranty

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