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Thermoelectric - Thermoelectric Cooling System

Thermoelectric Cooling System
Thermoelectric Cooling SystemFG is dedicated to delivering the finest thermoelectric modules and cooling solutions to every customer, regardless of size. With over 10 years of experience in thermoelectric product design, prototyping and manufacturing, FG has the experience and knowledge to deliver thermoelectric cooling solutions for all businesses from Medical to Defence and Space Sectors.

Thermoelectric cooling unit can be widely deployed for enclosed area climate control such as telecom outdoor cabinets, battery cabinets, industrial control cabinets, medical equipment and military equipment etc.  


FGTEC150 Air to air Thermoelectric cooling system 
Rated Voltage: 12V/24V 
Input Current: 18A/9A 
Cooling Power: 150 W 
Dimension: 300 x 160 x 178 mm 
Weight: 4.5Kg 

FGTEC-700 Air to air Thermoelectric cooling system 
Rated Voltage: 48V 
Input Current: 16A 
Cooling Power: 700 W 
Dimension: 460 x
 460 x 278 mm 
Weight: 30Kg 

Customized Thermoelectric solutions are also available.

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