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Software Development - Software Development

Software Development
Software Development

Fusions Group software house is specialized in tailor-made software, this means that we write the software to fit exactly your needs. We choose to use the tools and programming languages that fit best with the job.


FG is a full service application development company specializing in producing applications for the engineering, SCADA, Automation, communication, optical, mechatronics and for sensors and motion control applications.


FG software section consists of a core team and equipped with hi-tech test labs that include highly skilled developers, designers, marketing and PR consultants, and a strong management team. We develop software solutions for organizations seeking to engage customers and add value to their business.


Consultancy Services

Our aim is to support and guide you so that you can leverage high technology. Whether your organization is considering building an in-house team, whether you need someone to develop a 'one off', or whether you need someone to manage the full end-to-end process; FG can assist your organization during any stage.


Project Management

Utilizing industry best practices and methodologies, we ensure each project is delivered in time, cost and quality. We assign a Project Manager from the very start, who is ultimately responsible for the successful planning, execution, day-to-day monitoring, control and delivery of each project.


Please feel free to contact us for any software or hardware development cooperation.