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Marine & Offshore - Dredging



Successful maintenance dredging requires decades of experience and expert knowledge about the dynamics of rivers and estuaries. Sedimentation and siltation are a continual natural threat to navigation and the accessibility of ports.

We seek to minimize the environmental impact of any maintenance dredging project and always carry out our activities in respect of the environment, reducing overflow and limiting turbidity. 

Our smart dredging techniques support the natural processes and use the river’s dynamics to maintain accessibility.

We are performing maintenance projects individually and jointly with our high profile principals  for several rivers and Sea ports, making sure these vital arteries function as efficiently as possible. As well as working on access channels and inland waterways, we are also performing within ports and harbors, maintaining docks, turning basins and mooring berths.


FG has the knowledge and experience needed to assist with this global issue. We are the team of experts in a wide range of coastal protection methods such as the construction of hard sea defences such as sea walls, dykes, breakwaters; underwater bunds; fixed piers or open-piled jetties; sand traps such as groynes; coastal armouring with revetments, gabions, accropodes, as well as soft engineering solutions including sand dune stabilisation and beach nourishment.

We perform capital dredging projects with a view to it being a sustainable, long-term development. Often projects are executed in sensitive estuaries so respecting the natural environment and biodiversity is crucial. 

Please feel free to contact us with your Capital or maintenance dredging projects requirements, Dredger Charter, Lease and Brokerage services.