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Industrial - Remote Generator Starter [FGGS-433]

Remote Generator Starter [FGGS-433]
Remote Generator Starter [FGGS-433]
FGGS-433 Controls Generator from remote location  from 100 meters to 1Km range. Start and Stop the Generator through Radio Remote Control and with computer interface RS232 protocol. 
(One Pair contains: 1 unit Receiver + 1 unit Transmitter + 2 units Connecting leads + 1 unit Instruction manual)
1. FSK technology; 

2. ISM band, no need to apply frequency usage license; 

3.  High sensitivity, Long Transmission range; 

4. Standard UART interface, TTL or RS232;

5. Very reliable, small size, easier mounting;

6. No tuning required;
7. Easy to install and compatible for all type of Generators with Self.

8. Corrosion proof robust and rugged casing for harsh outdoor application.(IP65)
Frequency - 433MHz
Standard RS232 Interface
Operating Voltage:   5.0 to 24Vdc
Generator switching contact capacity: 20Amps
Operating Temperature: -50C to 80C
Humidity: 90% (Non condensing)
Size (LWH): 6.5in x 4in x 2in 

Procurement information: 
Min. Order Quantity: 2 Pairs
Price: $300 USD per Pair
Delivery Time: 1 week

Note: Range may vary due to unstable weather and other geographic conditions.