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Mining - Mining

Mining Mining represents a major proportion of the world economy, a focus of massive investment, and a key growth driver for many countries. Yet after the past decadeā€™s commodity boom, mining companies are operating in a complex environment characterized by high price volatility, increasing operational challenges, and shifting regulation. 

To create value today and secure competitive advantage for the future, they must achieve laser-sharp strategic focus, drive operational excellence across the business, and deliver high levels of capital and resource efficiency.

We serve from Australia to Mozambique companies, across all regions and functions. We help their leaders hone strategies to deliver consistent value-creation in a volatile world, transform their operational performance and organizational effectiveness, and deliver step-change improvements right across the value chain, from resource efficiency to capital productivity to marketing.

Our mining area of work is made up of more than 500 top-caliber practitioners and experts across six continents, including numerous mine engineers, metallurgists, geologists, and business managers, with deep operational experience in mining. Our client service is backed by an extensive program of proprietary research and a suite of high-impact management tools.