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Energy - Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights
Solar Street Lights

FG's Solar Street Lights are well-designed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light. These are used for commercial quality lighting systems, residential streets, parking lots and security lighting using high quality of solar systems.

FG offers a wide variety of solar lighting configurations and styles to meet your specific needs. The system will be configured according to the environmental conditions of the installation site as well as your specific requirements.

With the support of largest Renewable Energy company SARA SOLAR (PVT) LTD. we offer the best energy solutions customized to meet any power requirements. FG strongly believes in providing, maintaining and exceeding quality product expectations.

Our Solar Powered Street Lights offer value for money and cost effective instant lighting solutions for city as well as remote and disaster relief areas.

We offer flowing Street Lights in COB LED Technology:

  1. 40W = 120W HPID
  2. 60W = 160W HPID
  3. 80W = 200W HPID
  4. 120W = 250W HPID
  5. (Customized Lighting Solution of Special Requirements)