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Security & Surveillance

Air Disinfection Unit AD300 Air Disinfection Unit AD300
Plasma Air Disinfection Unit AD300 provides clean air from Airborne viruses COVID-19 and germs in enclosed space like banks, rooms, offices, halls, class rooms and hospital wards. 
Bio Inspection Scanner FD777 Bio Inspection Scanner FD777
Extra Range Noncontact Thermal Visual Scanning
FD777 provides the same thermal performance as Compact but utilizes a narrow field-of-view lens to nearly double the viewing distance to monitor the passengers on airports, sea ports, bus terminal and crowded areas for CORONA COVID-19

Bulk Encryption Unit Bulk Encryption Unit

Bulk Encryption Unit (BEU) is a high performance layer 1 encryption platform that provides maximum end-to-end security within E1/D1 networks, configurable up to a speed of 2048Kbps. More high speed BEU are also available

Currency Disinfector Sterilizer CDS-3100M Currency Disinfector Sterilizer CDS-3100M
Fully automatic and computer controlled CDS-3100M is dual pressure chambers system that is used to sterilize from viruses and microbiological organisms. Suitable for Paper Currency notes, Coins, Cheques, Legal papers, Bonds and normal stationary papers in bulk quantity.

Disinfection Walk through and Quarantine Cubicle Disinfection Walk through and Quarantine Cubicle
Provides quick installation in infected areas, field support centers to clean and
quarantine the people in short time. Walkways provide chlorinated water jet sprinkling on the general public automatically.
Explosive Detector HYPER 5000 Scanner Explosive Detector HYPER 5000 Scanner
Explosive Detector HYPER 5000
HYPER 5000 combines molecular spectroscopy and digital imaging, and has been shown for rapid, non-contact optical sensing of explosives and materials associated with the use of homemade explosives (HMEs) or Narcotics.

GPS Jammer GPS Jammer
GPS signal jammer can be effectively blocker signal Global Positioning System. Whether you are at home or in the driving process, it can guarantee that your personal location is not available. Your personal privacy can be adequately protected. Such devices are also often used to protect politicians and counter espionage operations.
FGVT2000 is a new product based on the SMS/ GSM / GPRS  network and GPS satellite positioning system.
GSM Cell Phone Interceptor GSM Cell Phone Interceptor
XSM system can Intercept GSM Cellular communication Voice and Text in passive mode.
Internet Protocol (IP) Encryptors Internet Protocol (IP) Encryptors
Internet Protocol Encryptors are designed to provide high-assurance IP encryption for layer 3 environment. 
Laser Listening Device Laser Listening Device
The Laser Listening Surveillance System(FGLD-786) and FGLD-700 series are very sophisticated and sensitive electro-optical equipment for surveillance. 

Radio Interceptor Radio Interceptor
A radio interceptor scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically tune, or scan, two or more discrete frequencies, stopping when it finds a signal on one of them and then continuing to scan other frequencies when the initial transmission ceases.