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Biogas Plants Biogas Plants
Fusions Group Provides Biogas Plants from Home users to Commercial users
Large Scale Solar Energy Projects Large Scale Solar Energy Projects
FG provides engineering and financial services for large scale solar energy power plants implementation worldwide on BOT (Built, Operate and transfer) basis for 100MW to 1000MW.
Portable Solar Power Supply Portable Solar Power Supply
100 to 800 watts Portable Solar Power Supplies, Ideal for NGOs, Oil and Gas, Disaster relief, Rescue Missions, Militray operations and Filed operations
Solar Laptop Charger Solar Laptop Charger
Solar Laptop Charger is very essential charging equipment for outdoor camping, travel, business trips, outdoor exploration and for Military or Civil filed operations.
Solar Street Lights Solar Street Lights
FG's Solar Street Lights are well-designed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light. 
Solar Water Filter System Solar Water Filter System
The Fusions Group's portable solar water filter system is complete and ready to deploy equipment. It can provide 500 Litters to 20000 Litters of clean potable water per day from a river, pond or seawater source.